Eyewitness Narrates How Sidechick Smashed Her Boyfriend’s Wife On The Floor, Rendering Her Unconscious In Ibadan (Audio)


An eyewitness has narrated how a woman was rendered unconscious after she was attacked by her husband’s sidechick.

The married woman had accosted her husband’s mistress but things turned pretty bad for her.

According to an eyewitness who recounted what transpired, the married woman was driving an Acura car when she spotted her husband’s car at Iyaganku-Aleshinloye junction, and realized it was the side chick driving it.

She immediately used her car to block off the side chick and proceeded to slap her when she came out.

It was reported that the side chick lifted up the married woman and smacked her on the ground, rendering her unconscious.

Listen to the audio below:

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