Hustle Hard, Stay Safe – See The Motivational Quotes Suspected kidnapper, John Lyon Posted Before His Arrest


John Lyon, a Bayelsa Big boy, was arrested recently for alleged kidnapping and the news has gone viral online.

It has now been discovered that John Lyon used to post motivational quotes online, encouraging people to work hard and stay safe.  

Even though he was motivating people to work hard in legitimate ways, he was allegedly busy engaging in the nefarious acts of kidnapping.

The suspect was arrested in Abuja after being traced from Bayelsa State. 

In a viral video, Iyon, who was handcuffed, claimed he had only participated in two kidnapping operations before his arrest.

In one of his Facebook posts dated April 27, 2022, John wrote: “Nothing good ever came from too many people knowing your business. Being private and lowkey is the best way to be. Hustle Hard, stay safe” 

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