I Am A Rich Man, I Have Never Claimed To Be A Poor Man


Labour Party (LP) presidential candidate, Peter Obi has stated that he never claimed to be a poor man.


Featuring on Trust TV 30 minutes programme, the LP flag bearer while fielding questions from Mannir Dan-Ali explain why he doesn’t flaunt his money on social media. He added that he is a millionaire in dollars.


He said, “No, I am not making the public not to know that I am rich. I own shares in companies here in Nigeria, I don’t have to flaunt it around, those companies pay me dividends and they give me my own money. So, if somebody comes tomorrow and says he owns this, it doesn’t matter but at the end of the day I don’t need to show them, I don’t need to wear them around, that’s it. So those things are very clear.”


Speaking further, Obi argued that he has never tried to deceive anyone into believing that he is not successful. He explained that according to the world standard of being a millionaire he is one in his own right.


“I don’t know what is the worth. I have never claimed to be a poor man; I have never said it anywhere. I have always said I’m a comfortable man anywhere on the surface of the globe because it is said that if you have $1 million you are a millionaire, so I have that, so I am a millionaire anywhere in the world and I have never claimed to be an ordinary person,” he added.


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