If You Go To War How Do You Plan On Defeating The Fulanis – Ezeife To IPOB, Others


Former Anambra State Governor, Dr Chukwuemeka Ezeife has called on groups agitating for self-determination to sheath their swords.


According to him, such groups should work towards a united and better Nigeria.


Recall that groups like the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), the Oduduwa Republic, the Arewa Republic, amongst others have been clamouring for secession.


Ezeife, during an interview with Punch, opined that a group calling for autonomy in the name of creating their own country would only lead to greater problems.


Speaking further, he wondered how those calling for a divided Nigeria would handle a tribe like the Fulanis who dominate the country with their population.


He wondered how the region clamoring for division would go into war with the Fulanis and defeat them.


He said, “Let me take the case of the Fulani as an example. How many are they? They are too many. If war comes to Nigeria and it is against them, how will they prevent being killed off by other Nigerians? We need the Fulani more than they need us—like their strategic thinking. And we want them to be permanent residents of Nigeria, and this idea of taking them as people who came from Mali is not right; we want them integrated into Nigeria, but not on the basis of being “born to rule.” This is the problem.”


He urged Yorubas, who were also planning to leave, to have a rethink as they gain better from a united and better Nigeria rather than a divided country.

“Yoruba is talking about leaving, but Yoruba gain more from one Nigeria restructured to work, and any group, as I see it properly considering their own interests in the long term, would find one Nigeria the best for that group.

“So we are appealing to all of us to think deeply about our interests, and let’s have a new Nigeria come in that enables us to raise the dignity and respect of all blacks on Earth and that enables us to have a say in the governance of the world. Look what’s happening. Russia is killing off people in Ukraine,” he added.


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