Moment Vendor Falls Unconscious And Robbed After She Was Sprayed Unknown Substance (Video)


A video has captured the shocking moment a shop owner became unconscious after she was sprayed with an unknown substance by some ladies who robbed her.

In the video, the two women had arrived at the vendor’s shop and pretended to be selling perfumes.

One of the ladies had, in a bid to show the vendor how one of the perfume smells, sprayed her the substance; the women had covered their nostrils while doing this.

The vendor gradually fell unconscious and they tried to ascertain whether she was still conscious by waving a hand at her face.

When they were satisfied of it’s effect, they commenced taking various items from the shop.

One of the ladies kept a lookout by sitting at the front of the shop while the other was busy taking various items from the vendor’s shop.

Watch The Video Below:

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