Na Too Much Drugs – Nigerians React To A Video Of Portable Unable To Stand Still During An Interview


Many Nigerian on social media have reacted to a video of  popular singer, Habeeb Okikiola, also known as Portable in which he was seen pacing back and forth during an interview at an event.

The controversial singer went to Pasuma’s 55th birthday celebration at Queen Park Oniru, Lagos state.

Goldmyne TV decided to interview him about his motivation for attending when he arrived on the red carpet. He claimed that he had come to support and love his more senior brother in the business.

However, Portable could not stand still or compose himself during the short interview.

This caused netizens to speculate on his state of mind and conclude that he was charged up heavily on drugs.

tob0raayyy40274, “This him waka waka behaviour na symptom of addiction”

parrblooospin, “E no fit stand one place… Na the effect of too much drugs”

kevvnbarcraym, “He needs to stop smoking whetever his takn, is affecting him badly”

arc_tomiloba, “The day this guy calm down Na Covid catch am ”


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