Nigerians Stop Guests’ Entertainment In Eateries, As Portions, Quality Reduce


It has been revealed that not many Nigerians take their guests out to eateries for entertainment or other celebration purposes anymore.

This is because they may end up eating their salaries for a month at one sitting without getting full.

The problem lies in the sharp increase in the prices of various delicacies served in eateries, and the reduction in the quantity and quality per portion of such meals.

This has reduced peoples patronage of eateries, despite various innovations such as instant delivery and discount promotions.

Before, you could get a plate of fried rice and medium sized chicken, accompanied with a PET drink for as low as N600. But now, to get a meal that will fill your stomach, you will need to spend over N3,000.

Miss Amarachi Azubuike, a businesswoman, said the prices per portion of food has increased over time. Even the long queues in the eatery, located along the Festac side of Lagos, has disappeared.

She said: “Before, a plate which contained two to three portions accompanied with a drink was N1,500. Now it is sold for N3,000 to N3,500.

“Moi-moi (beancake) was N150 but now sold for N350. Even the chicken that is sold for N800 is now sold for N1200 to N1,500.

“The quality of the food has also reduced as some of my relatives who tasted the one I bought recently complained that the fried rice had no taste.

Ekene Marvins, a business man at Egbeda said almost all the eateries have increased the prices of food down to snacks.

“Almost all the eateries have increased the prices of food down to snacks and water.

“I eat out a lot due to my job. I have visited all the eateries here from Chicken Republic, Sweet Sensation name it. I visited another when I noticed the price increase and reduction in portions.

“The increase has resulted in many not patronizing eateries anymore. Those crowds including families and friends we see in eateries are no more.

“I stopped patronizing them because I don’t get filled. I buy food from the regular mama put and with N1,000 I am full.”

Mr. Peculiar Akinwunmi, a Manager at one of the branches of an eatery in Lagos noted that the increase in food prices and reduction in portions were part of innovations people in the business made to survive in the midst of economic downturns in the country.

”You can see the cost of diesel, transportation, rising cost of food stuff, maintenance bills and all. These things affect our income. Little or no profit is made after these bills are paid. And we need to be in business. Sales are also dropping as many find it hard to feed at home talkless of eating out.

“Those in the Eatery business had to create innovative ways to survive and meet their customers’ needs at the same time.

“Some had to do the food delivery service,where they take your food to you, wherever your destination is.

“But it still doesn’t improve sales as most people do junks or snacks rather than eat out to save cost.”

As at 2019 , Chicken Republic sold two  portions of fried rice and plantain, medium size chicken lap and a PET drink for N600. Today it is sold for N1,350. To buy a meal that would satisfy your stomach you will need to have spent over N3,000.

In The Place, a plate of edikaikong soup and a wrap of semo and grilled turkey wings now cost  N2,950 which was as low as N1,500 to N1700 as at 2021.

For Mega Chicken a medium size bowl of vegetable soup and a medium sized deep fried chicken wings goes for N5,000 which was N3,500 as at 2021.

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