This Is The Real Culture Shock – Nigerian Man Studying Abroad Expresses Shock At Having Lunch With His Lecturer

 Culture shock

A young Nigerian man who has been simply identified as Ibukun has talked about his experience abroad.

The man shared what he described as a real culture shock from studying abroad.

The young man expressed shock at spending the afternoon with his lecturer and posted a picture they took together.

According to him, having lunch with his lecturer was a strange and unbelievable occurrence, and he claimed that Nigeria had damaged him.

In his words: “Am I dreaming? I had lunch with my professor. It still feels weird! Nigeria has damaged me. He was the one to make the gesture if he can have lunch with us, I mean, and we were discussing. I mean? It’s hard to believe. This is the real culture shock!”

Netizens did agree with him that the scenario was strange and shared instances when they hung out with their lecturers to prove him wrong.

See some below:

Edet wrote, “No, Nigeria didn’t. I bantered and still banter with my lecturers, especially during political seasons. Perhaps your undergraduate lecturers weren’t friendly. Don’t impose your reality on all Nigerian students.

Success in your postgraduate studies”

Badmus wrote, “bro not every Nigerian professor is harsh or something, I and my fellow colleagues play and gist with our professors. Infact if anything takes few of us to the HOD’s office, he serves us hot tea with chin chin.”

Joyce wrote, “Lol I shared lunch and drinks with many lecturers. Na you been dey fear them they are actually very chill if you run into them outside. They get a little proud sef to introduce you as their student. Some go bill you, some will pay for your meal/drinks ”

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