You Are Going Back To Nigeria



A video has captured the moment an American woman married to a Nigerian caught him with another lady at a hotel and threatened to send him back to his country.

Shamika Moore shared the videos on her TikTok after she accosted her man in the hotel with his secret lover.

In the video, Shamika who was visibly angry screamed at her husband for cheating on her. The other lady looked unbothered and even made snide remarks as Shamika vented her anger at her man.

When Shamika mentioned that her husband shouldn’t return to her house, the other lady replied in the affirmative.

An angry Shamika then said;

”Guess what. You are heading to Nigeria!”

She also shared a message on her page in which she stated that she met her husband when he had nothing and that she didn’t marry him because of money.


Watch The Video Below;

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