22-Year-Old Nigerian Emerges As Overall Best Graduating Student Of US Unversity (Photo)

A 22-year-old Nigerian student studying in the United States has made the country proud.

Miss Boubini Miyensinte Jones-Wonni made history by emerging as the best graduating student from the Howard University Medical Class of 2022.

According to TheNetwork, Jones-Wonni was the youngest in the class having put up a superlative record breaking performance at the age of 22 as the valedictorian of the prestigious institution.

The Network has it on good authority that the indigene of Arogbo Ijaw in Ese-Odo Local Government Area of Ondo State is among the two members of the class accorded the privilege of admission to the prestigious Harvard University Medical school for residency( Post-graduate ) training in Internal Medicine.

A look at the history of her education shows a unique brand of focused and unrelenting Academic star whose scholarly efforts are marked by excellence in the real superlative definition of success. At every turn in her Academic life, she made it a policy to be at the top of her class. Academic excellence, character, focus have defined her. From the primary schools in Nigeria to the prestigious universities of the US, Jones-Wonni has emerged the best in all the classes and the institutions she attended.

As her mother, Mrs Wonni, a senior judicial officer told the Network, Jones Wonni’s sustenance of excellence in academic is not just a product of her academic capacity but a unique quality and discipline to focus on set objectives.

Interestingly, when the young lady’s gaze is focused on something, the number one position is always the target. Like a successful sports personality, she combined an interplay of character with academic competence. This, according to her mother, will make her stay away from the distraction of the telephones for days while studying for tough examinations. No academic challenge is insurmountable before her studious presence.

Born in Ido-ani, Ondo State, on the 23rd of October 1999 to the family of Dr and Mrs Jones-Wonni, she started her primary education in Banky’s Private school Apo Abuja. Due to a sterling performance in primary school, she was encouraged to sit for the common entrance examinations from Primary three which she passed in flying colours and proceeded to Word of Faith Group of Schools in Area 1 Abuja. While in High school, she continued on the path of hard-work and diligence.

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