40-year-old US-based Nigerian Pastor Picks APC Presidential Form


Dr Nicholas Felix, a US-based pastor has joined the 2023 presidential race and purchased the All Progressives Congress (APC) nomination and expression of interest forms.

The 40-year-old presidential aspirant on Thursday promised to tackle insecurity if elected as the president of Nigeria.

Felix, after purchasing the forms in Abuja, said securing a nation would have ripple effects on its economic stability, NAN reports.

He also expressed concerns about the security situation in Nigeria, which he described as being a mess, saying the level of security a nation has would determine its prosperity.

“My primary aim and my number one agenda is security, and that is what I am bringing to the table trusting that 100 days after being sworn in, we will tackle insecurity with every force and every might.

“We have our military who are very strong, we need to empower them, equip them and give them the free will to be able to go and fight insurgency.

“I’m big on security. In America, I have a security company, where I have hired over 2,000 people. Security is my main strength.

“You must understand that there is no great economy without security, any country that is not safe, no matter how much you put in, you will not see it.

“For example, the moment Ukraine was invaded and the war started, the economy crashed, that tells you that when a nation is not safe, progress will be stalled,” he said.

According to him, Mexico and Canada border America, yet Mexicans are suffering.

He said, “Every nation that wants to experience economic growth must make sure that the security is there because we need investors.

“Most times, politician goes around that when you elect me, I am going to provide 20 million jobs; it is a lie, the positions at the federal level are filled up, the positions at the state level are filled up, who is going to create jobs?

“It is the private sector that will create jobs and nobody will come to a nation that is not safe.”

The General Overseer and Founder of Miracle Center International Inc., said his dream was to take over the helms of affairs in Nigeria and make a change.

“My decision to run for president of Nigeria stems from my desire to change the Nigerian narrative through the support of the Not-Too-Young-To-Run law.

“Also, bringing more young professionals home and abroad together to contribute toward the development of our great nation,” he said. 

Felix, who said that he was the only youth to purchase the form to contest for the position of the president, said that his intention to contest the country’s number one seat was to salvage the country and rescue it from the trenches for complete reformation. 

Felix, a 2019 presidential candidate, described himself as a successful businessman, a philanthropist and a pastor who would reposition the country in the post-Muhammadu Buhari period.

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