Female Corps Member Shares Her Experience With ‘Perverted’ Katsina Men


A female National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) member has taken to Twitter to narrate her horrifying experience with ‘perverted’ men in Katsina State.

Taking to Twitter handle @slyfoxine on Thursday, September 1, she revealed that the desk officer in her Place of Primary Assignment (PPA), said he likes her bre#st.

“My desk officer looked me dead in the eyes today and said he likes my bre#st. In my khaki,”
she wrote.

“Katsina men are soo perverted. Like I’ve not even met one that hasn’t acted differently from this,”

“Is it the one that will park and wait for me to come and meet them? Or the one that will do u turn on the express and start reversing to meet me”

“That last one Ehn, I thought I was about to be kidnapped. Hmm When I leave this place and I meet any Katsina person, they will see what their mouth can’t explain”

“Or the one I gave water because I thought this man was going to pass out and he wanted to hug me. I don’t even know how this one’s head is working.” she added.


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