I Want Revenge – Daughter Of Widow Tied And Flogged In Abia State Cries Out

Flourish Victor has cried out on social media demanding for justice for her mother.

The daughter of the widow who was bound for two days and flogged by youths in her community spoke out for the first time on her Facebook page.

Mrs Amarachi Okechi was accused of witchcraft by her late husband’s brother’s wife.

This led youths in Umueghu, Amaegbuato community, Nkpa Bende LGA, Abia state, to tie her up publicly for two days after which the grown men in the community took turns to flog her five strokes each all over her body.

The video sparked outrage and the wife of the Abia State Governor announced that the widow has been rescued and taken to a hospital (read here).

The daughter of the widow took to Facebook to react to her mother’s public humiliation and assualt.

Flourish Victor explained that she had to leave Lagos for Umuahia when she heard what had been done to her mother.

She said she couldn’t recognise her mother when she saw her after the assault and it broke her heart.

“My heart aches… I feel humiliated… I feel like I’m not alive again. I want revenge… I really want revenge,” she wrote on Facebook.


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