Lady Recounts How She Met A Man In Traffic And Screamed Out Her Number


A female Twitter user has narrated how she ended up giving her phone number to a man she met at the traffic light.

According to the lady, identified on Twitter as @msfizzy, she was held up at a the stop light while the, “Electricity“, blared out from her speakers which she sang along to.

The guy who was in a car adjacent to her at the traffic light began singing along with her to the song.

The lady revealed they had the funniest conversation after that and she had to shout her number from her car, so they can reconnect at a later time.


She also shared screenshot of the guy later texting her on social media, still reveling in their earlier experience at the stop light.

She captioned it: “And so it begins” – a reference to what could later be a chapter one of their love story.


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