Meet The Tattoo-Obsessed Women Who Was Dubbed A ‘Demon’ By Horrific Online Trolls (Photos)


A young American woman who is really obsessed with tattoos has come under attack on social media.

However, the lady, who has cruelly been labelled a demon by keyboard warriors is tired of being pointed and stared at in the street.

Despite growing up strictly Christian in the US, Orylan took the radical decision to decorate her body in extreme ink – including eyeball and face tattoos and a swarm of butterflies on her chest.

While she stresses her unique look has not impacted upon her religious beliefs, the 22-year-old has been forced to defend herself against bullies who have called her a “demon”.

And, while working as both a stripper and posing for racy content on OnlyFans, the American shared a video on her YouTube channel where she hit back at judgement from others when she ventures outside the house.

“A lot of people just point and stare,” she said.

“A lot of the time now if I’m noticing that they point and stare I will literally just say, do you have something to say? Do you want to tell me something or ask me something? I’m a person, you can just ask me’.

“I’ve done it to a few people on the street now because I’m just so tired of people staring and pointing.”

Orylan stressed that she enjoys meeting people who are polite and ask for a picture – but said that strangers will often judge her despite never doing anything wrong.

“I know people say I asked for it when I did this to myself. Okay, but at the end of the day, I’m a human being, I deserve respect just like anybody else,” she observed.

“I deserve no less respect than anybody else in this world, just because I’ve done this to myself. This doesn’t define who I am.”

In fact, the OnlyFans model emphasised that she was proud of having pursued her dreams by taking on her radical look, and even claimed that some people thank her for sharing her journey.

She continued: “I get so many DMs and messages now from people saying that I inspire them to be themselves and want to just really not conform to a cookie cutter life.

“You have one life, why should we all be the same… as soon as someone’s different it’s wrong, I don’t get it.”

Source: Daily Star UK

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