One Of Davido’s Baby Mamas Was Responsible For The Death Of His Son –

One God, the nation’s seer, has made another bombshell revelation on Mama Radio, claiming that one of Davido ’s baby mothers killed his son.

The claimed baby mama collaborated with her mother to bring Davido and Chioma’s happiness to an end. According to one God, the worst is yet to come for Davido.

According to One God, Davido once had a sexual relationship with a woman who One God described as one of the most powerful deities in Africa. According to reports, Davido treated the woman as “garbage.”

The aforementioned lady allegedly did this to the youngster as sort of payback for what Davido done to her. The worst is yet to come for Davido, according to one God. One God claims that “Chioma’s life is likewise on the line.”

Given that Davido preferred Chioma to all the infant moms. One God, the universe’s seer, also revealed that Davido won’t be taking Chioma anyplace.

Davido and Chioma will eventually break up because the boy who brought them together the strongest is no longer among the living. Some celebrities and singers whose part does not include marriage were also mentioned by one God.

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